Holmes Lecture Series - January 2024

Our brains are profoundly rhythmic, much like a great piece of music.

In this lecture, myself and a colleague from the Faculty of Medical Sciences (Dr Yuki Kikuchi) explore how our brains process sounds and why this is important.

We delve into questions such as how brain rhythms help us learn and remember things more effectively, like learning a new language or revising for an exam, and how the brain might be trained by new exciting techniques such as ultrasound stimulation.

Public Engagement

Partners Academic Summer School


- Newcastle University, Newcastle

Barking Brains - Scent & Science


- Featherstone Castle, Haltwhistle

Palace of Science 


- Wylam Brewery, Newcastle

European Researcher's Night 


- Hancock Museum, Newcastle

Teaching Experience

Demonstrator - BSc Psychology

I have been working as a demonstrator alongside my PhD since 2020, and have taught courses in several modules including:

Supervisor - Undergraduate students

I've had the opportunity to guide and support undergraduates through various stages of their academic journey. This includes mentoring students during summer internships, facilitating year-long placements, and providing supervision for final-year dissertation projects.