PhD Work

Context-dependent sequence learning

The main aim of my PhD involves studying how we are capable of remembering particular rules for particular contexts. This is a trait that we regular use in our daily lives and is a hallmark of being human. That said, learning rules dependent on context has also been shown in several animal models, including rodents and nonhuman primates. My research looks to delve further into how we are capable of dissociating rules from context and how the process has developed across species. In particular, I am interested in how we are able to remember rules even when the context abruptly changes - and if other animals are capable of this more complicated process.

Testing is still ongoing, however, the current results can be found in the publications section.


I have been fortunate to attend several conferences during my PhD and present my work both through talks and posters.
This has taken me to several countries, all across the world including Germany, the US, and the Netherlands. I look forward to visiting Vienna later this year to attend the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Conference, for which I won the Young Investigator Award 2024.

SimCo23 - Chicago, USA

"Simian Collective"

SEP 2023

oral presentation

SfN23 - Washington DC, USA

"Society for Neuroscience"

NOV 2023

poster presentation

FENS24 - Vienna, AUST

"Federation of European Neuro. Societies"

JUN 2024

poster presentation

EBBS23 - Amsterdam, NL

"European Brain and Behaviour Society"

AUG 2023

poster presentation

SfN22 - San Diego, USA

"Society for Neuroscience"

poster presentation

FUN22 - Mainz, GER

"Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation" 

oral and poster presentation